Wisdom of the Twilight Travel

Wisdom of the Twilight Travel

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Dusk began to look grim, the sun began to dim and the rush of cars on the streets still decorate the streets, air pollution in the daytime began to inhaled the leaves without showing the cough.

The Maghrib, still he was stuck in the streets to his dormitory which is located not far from the campus where he is in college, the thing is pretty annoying but this is how it is. Loss, he never goes on vacation and picnics, keeps on driving the drivers at all times, maybe just nighttime they sleep, but when a big holiday such as Eid al-Fitr, they go too, that's the nature of them.

Jumping on the bus is commonplace, let alone show the afternoon, where the workers come home from their workplace, but the day they can sit on the bus seat, which is rarely earned every time you get on a bus at dusk, always passengers was booming inside, so the seat was no longer empty from the bus stop stop where I was waiting.

He looked at them, tired faces radiated from them, lethargic mixed with tiredness into one, no grandfather carrying several boxes in front of him, some of which he held in front of his already loosened belly, marks of age. Not bear to see it, if only occupy his vulnerable old position, at the age of the sesenja was still looking for a living for his family, it is best this grandfather.

Unable to see him, he also invited the grandfather to sit in his place, at first the grandfather refused and kekeh to stand in his place, with a little pleading that the grandfather would sit in the chair and he stood up, the grandfather just smiled and he smiled back, feels in this heart feel a sense of pleasure, is not the happiest people are people who happy others.

I'm just wondering, what if in my old days I still have to be like this grandfather, get out in the morning and come home late afternoon.

Looking again along the way, many beggars and street singers searched for as little as a few pockets of sincere people, in order for their families to fill their stomachs. Again he marks, what if he became them, had to beg and sing, shy away for a bite of rice for his family.

Ah, how stingy humans to be grateful for his situation, even to contemplate too hard, contemplate thinking of his own fate was not able.

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