With One Tree We Save the Earth

With One Tree We Save the Earth

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Sultra Smart Institute as a non-governmental organization that concentrates on the environment of life, hold tree planting activities in Kendari city is based on the form of concern for the safety and environmental sustainability which is the responsibility of all parties and if we do not implement it then surely there will be no implementing it, this activity also tries to invite young generation, especially students and students to take an active role in environment-themed activities.

Awareness of the importance of safeguarding and preserving the environment is an important asset needed to implement the movement and the efforts of environmental conservation. Building awareness of people who have broad environmental insight is a "pillar of foundation" in maintaining environmental conditions are really far from various sources of environmental destruction and pollution. Because basically the problem of environmental damage caused by human hands itself. Environmental problems such as floods, landslides and water scarcity that often occur is a global problem. Although often flooded in the rainy season but within a certain time we also experienced scarcity of clean water. This is clear evidence of the lack of awareness of the community in the environment.

Greening the environment around us should be re-done. On the shoulders of human beings a mandate and responsibility to preserve the earth. With the implementation of reforestation is expected to be one alternative in organizing and maintaining the environment kelestrian. Environmentally sound development is the basis for creating an atmosphere of beauty and environmental comfort, especially in improving the degree and optimal health of the community.

Environmental conservation issues also occur in Southeast Sulawesi, and this is certainly not the responsibility of the government alone but is also the collective responsibility of all elements of society, both individually and through communities. Therefore, efforts are needed to encourage pro-active community participation in the environmental conservation movement so as to foster a sense of togetherness that is expected to arise environmentally friendly and environmentally-conscious culture and behavior.

Therefore, as a form of real participation in environmental conservation efforts Sultra Smart Institution together masyarakatakan carry out tree planting activities in the Wanggu River Basin (Wanggu DAS) and in Abunawas Hospital Kendari, where in this activity is expected to grow awareness, participation and cooperation which is synergistic between the government, communities and communities in the movement of environmental conservation. With togetherness in this movement, it is hoped that there will be a culture of planting and caring for the environment, and with these conditions, hopefully we can safeguard and save this only Earth.

The tree planting activity in Wanggu Watershed and in the Abunawas Hospital Kendari is named Sultra Smart Care for the Environment, with the theme of activities with one tree we save the earth.

This activity was held on February 24, 2013, with a place of activity in Wanggu River Basin Scope as well as in Kendari Abunawas Hospital.

The purpose of this activity is to invite the participation of all elements of society to be able to be involved in the real activities of greening and environmental conservation, especially in the scope of Wanggu River Basin and in Kendari Hospital Abunawas.

The benefits of this activity are:

1. Initiate the community to create a culture of planting trees and care for the preservation and preservation of the environment

2. Growing public awareness to cooperate synergistically in the effort of saving and preserving the environment.3. Creating a community that is environmentally conscious and environmentally friendly and environmentally friendly.

4. Initiate the community to make Kendari city as a green city.

The tree planting activities in the Wanggu Watershed and the Abunawas Hospital of Kendari involve the community, government elements, members of the NGO Sultra Smart Institution and anyone who wants to adopt one or more tree seedlings virtually and will be planted in real nature.

This event was attended and will be open by the Governor of Southeast Sulawesi, but because he was not in place then he was represented by the assistant II of Southeast Sulawesi provincial government, together with the head of the forestry office, the head of the provincial Environmental Agency and Kendari city, BPDAS Sulawesi Tenggara, ranks in the provincial government of Southeast Sulawesi and also Kendari city and some Banks that have environmental awareness in the city of Kendari including the Regional Development Bank of Southeast Sulawesi this activity also involves students and students and youth cadets, for the realization of the hope of generations who care and love the environment

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