With the Million Beauty He Brings, There Are Still Reasons to Not Love Rain

With the Million Beauty He Brings, There Are Still Reasons to Not Love Rain

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What things can make you happy in the world? The common answers are loving and loving, having desirable work (or at least, a well-established job), a happy family, and good food in both hands. It is true that these things can make the heart happy or at least warm.

But for some people, the thing that makes them happy tangible is so simple: the rain and the smell of the soil that comes after it subsides.

Rain? Not wrong?

No. Even rain lovers have their own names: pluviophile. If you ask why someone can love rain so much, maybe these reasons can make you stop saving your curiosity:

Rain is a natural air purifier. The smell of the path shortly after the rain was so cool and pure, like a reborn baby.

Save our complaints when the rain comes. Is not rain just making the air around us clean again? Sweep away the remnants of pollution in the air and replace it with the smell of soil and wet foliage? Behind his troublesome form, it is the most natural and simple way to re-invigorate our lungs.

Technically, rain water will improve the quality of air that is on earth. Various pollutants as well as impurities such as dust, and vehicle fumes will be wiped out by rainwater. Rain water will wash away the harmful particles in the air, so no wonder if after the rain, we will breathe clean air like in the morning. In fact, not infrequently because of the rain, we can breathe the smell of wet soil, along with the moist trees.

Rain reminds you of the best times with their precious ones. The chills of the body can be extinguished by the sleek and sincere feeling.

Rain is often associated as something romantic. Many stories in fairy tales, songs, or widescreen stories depict it. Playing water in the rain while holding hands and hugging is a frame that is often depicted in romance films.

Even when small we are often scolded Mother for deliberately playing rain in the yard. Accidentally wet, not afraid to get sick, because it's rain is something we think is fun. There is no reason to turn into anti-rain after such an adult, right?

Do not blame the rain if a flood happens, blame yourself for not being able to keep the earthWell, it's raining again? Cancel the weekly night dah!

If it rains gini semaleman rain, surely tomorrow will flood.

Unconsciously we often throw those little words when it rains. Sounds trivial indeed. But do you know that the words you often catapult it unconsciously have cursed God's most crucial blessings?

All calamities and disasters that occur when the rain comes as if one of the rain water that flushed the earth. And we as the inhabitants of the earth who are not adept at keeping this place we live. Littering litter, clearing forests for settlements, and building tall buildings without considering the impact on the environment.

As a result of our actions, the earth can no longer seep the rain water. Because the existing soil has turned into concrete and asphalt. Random development causes the drainage system can not run properly. The accumulated garbage causes clogged streams, and floods the water into the streets and into the township. Therefore, who is wrong? Rain or ourselves?

The rain still deserves to be grateful, for it is a proof of God's love for the creatures on earth

Rain is a form of God's love for all the creatures that are on earth. With rain, a life is created. Trees grow, farmers can irrigate fields and gardens, and livestock animals can drink and eat from plants that grow from rain. Without rain, it is impossible for life to exist. No plants grow because of the water-deprived land that serves to feed the microorganisms that live in it.

Imagine if a country has never been saturated in a long time, we certainly will be more difficult to live life. We must go for miles to get water that does not necessarily feel as fresh as we enjoy today. If you want to see real proof, go to the Middle East, in an area that does not have to rain every year. See how the people there are willing to pour a lot of money to distill sea water, in order to get fresh water and decent consumption.

Very different from those of us who live in countries with rain and abundant water all year long. We can easily just draw water at the wells at home, or just pay a few tens of thousands to subscribe to PAM water. What a very, very cheap price for life.

Ah, is there any reason not to love the rain?

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