With These 9 Creative Ways You Can Garden Even Without a Garden!

With These 9 Creative Ways You Can Garden Even Without a Garden!

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As a child living in a boarding house or an urban area, can keep the plants in the garden itself may be just a dream. What's the power, with a stale green page just a patch of its size, what can you do? And you also want to keep the plants to beautify the atmosphere, or just to give a fresh impression when the mind is saturated-saturated.

But now, gardening on a narrow or tiny land is no longer an impossible thing. Without a yard that is as spacious as the ancient houses, you can still create freshness by planting flowers and plants. Well, curious how? Check out the tips that Hipwee give this yes!

1. Hanging lamps are more often used as a light, but you can also make it useful as a place to plant.

Gardening is always synonymous with vast land and filled with soil. But now, your dream to have a garden can be realized even though there is no empty land to plant. The trick is to make a hanging plant. If planting with a pot that is hung with a rope is too mainstream, then now you can make a sensation by planting in other media, that is hanging lamps. Maybe you can use a broken lamp or buy a used one at a flea market. Well, after that you enter the soil and plant the plant species like ivy, white betel, and betel ivory. In addition to adding freshness in kosan, this plant can also be used as decoration.

2. No land is not a barrier to seek freshness, because now you can magic desk study to be the ideal garden.

Life in the urban or boarding house often makes you thirst for the freshness of the garden because of the lack of reforestation. But calm down, because now you can create coolness with a mini garden that you can make your own. One way is to use the desks that you never use again.

Easy way. Simply put the soil into your desk drawer up to 3/4 full, then plant your seeds there. Maybe you can choose tananam that can reduce contamination like chinese evergreen plant (sri fortune) or golden photos. Or you can also choose your favorite tuna. Then, place the table in the open space. Well, interesting and easy to apply right?

3. Creating a beautiful garden in a minimal place is now possible, by applying this hat garden!

Beautiful gardens are everyone's dream. Relax, you do not have to sad because of the lack of land, because now you can create a beautiful mini garden on a narrow land. You can try to take advantage of various types of hats that are not used. How to plant it easy, first-park you use a plastic pot or tin that has been given a little hole, then use a nail or wire to attach it to the wall. After that, plant the seeds and cover with a hat as decoration. Well, a garden like this must make your kost's friend mesmerized every day.

4. Not only have to use clay pots to plant, you can use a childhood toy as a replacement.

If sometimes planting using clay pots can make your room dirty, now you can use a stroller toys as a substitute. You just simply add the planting media like soil into it, then plant some plants that have bushy leaves and many like boston ferns or petunia plants with beautiful flowers. So, without the need for a lot of money you can create a mini garden with your own hands. In addition, this way also makes it easier for you to move places.5. If horizontally cultivating is not possible, you can outsmart by using a bag to plant vertically.

Perhaps we have been stuck with the thought that gardening can only be done on large flat lands. And you can also garden vertically you know. The way you just need to change the way into a multilevel pattern. One by using a place like a motorbike bag. You can sew your own or use a baggage bag that is usually placed in the seat of a motorcycle or bicycle. Well, this bag can you nail on the wooden wall in storied, then you use to plant. In this way, it is guaranteed that your boarding will become more beautiful and cool.

6. Have unused boots? Well, now you can turn it into an impromptu flowerpot.

Planting is a lot of benefits. In addition to providing coolness, plants can also be a decoration to beautify the room. One option is to use unused shoes as pots. You just need to include planting media such as soil and fertilizer, then plant plants such as morning glory or paper flowers. With a pot like this, it is guaranteed not only the extra oxygen you get but also the value of beauty so the money. Easy and beautiful right?

7. Not complicated gardening you can realize only with a versatile pocket. In addition to cheap, this method also does not seize many places.

Gardening is always synonymous with dirty. In addition, you are also faced with ribetnya watering one by one. But now you get a more practical choice for farming, one of them by planting in a multipurpose pocket. Pockets that are used to place sandals, shoes or kost items is quite effective to accommodate many plants. The way is easy, you simply enter the planting media 3/4 parts and then enter the plant seeds such as vegetable mustard or ornamental plants such as tread virgin. Well, in this way you can garden with more practical because one place can accommodate many plants. Interested in trying?

8. Now paralon is not only useful for water channels, but also to supply healthy vegetables for daily meals.

The absence of wide open land is not an obstacle to gardening vegetables. Because now you can rely on paralon to make your dream garden. The trick is simple and easy to apply anyway, first you split the paralon with the size of 1/5 as shown. Then make some small holes in the paralon surface for water absorption. Then you tie the paralon with a wire and hang on the wall of the house. In addition, you can tie up some paralon in stages. Well, after that enter the planting media in the form of soil, compost, and husk. After that you plant some types of vegetable seeds such as spinach, chilli, mustard greens, or lettuce. It's easy, right? Gardening in this way not only sparingly places, but also saves money because you can enjoy the vegetables you plant yourself in kosan.

9. Instead of drinking bottles piled into garbage, now is the time you use for gardening on the wall of the house.

In addition to hard recycling, plastic bottle waste also makes the level of environmental pollution getting worse. Well, instead of plastic bottles thrown away, then there is no harm in your use for gardening on the wall of the house. How to make it easy kok. First you make a hole about 15 cm x 7 cm with a cutter, otherwise add a few small holes on the surface of the bottle. Then tie with the ropes one by one in a stratum and hang the wall.

Once your hanging pot is ready, you can plant some types of vegetable seedlings or ornamental plants with lush leaves. This method not only saves space, but also reduces pollution by utilizing used goods. Funny?So, now imagine right if gardening is not merely on a vast land. Because it turns out you can apply these tips for gardening on a minimal land. In addition to making your kostmu environment so fresh and cool, these tips also beautify the room to be more pleasing to the eye. Dare to try?

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