Within a week, 15 hectares of protected forest in Aceh have been burned

Within a week,

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Protected forest fires in Taman Raya (Tahura) Pucot Meurah Intan, Sare, Seulawah Valley Sub-district, Aceh Besar District last week are increasingly alarming. Up to now, the reported burned land reaches 15 hectares more. This amount does not include forests outside Tahura Pocut Meurah Intan.

Head of UPTD Tahura Pocut Murah Intan, Sare Dinas Kehutanan (Dishut) Aceh, Muhammad Daud said that dry conditions and hot weather accelerate the fire in Tahura area. At least, there are 4 points of fire location in the burning Tahura area. His condition until now has not been safe from the fire disaster.

"In the Tahura area there are more than 15 more burnt haktare, it does not include the forest outside Tahura, there is also a burning," said Muhammad Daud, Thursday (13/10) via mobile phone.

Nevertheless, the condition now most of the fire point has begun to extinguish, only a cloud of fire smoke. However, Police Force (Polhut) officers and assisted by the Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) Aceh Besar, Brimob, TNI are still alert in the fire location, because it is not yet safe from the potential of the next fire.

"Officers remain alert, if there is a fire appears, can be immediately extinguished to localize so as not to spread fire to other locations and immediately extinguished," he said.

As for the cause of the fire, he mentioned, first because of the anomalous hot weather, the temperature is very hot and dry. Up to very easy to fire, although only the source of fire from cigarette butts are discarded. What's more, this Tahura is in the national highway of Banda Aceh-Medan.

"Cigarette butts can trigger a fire with dry weather conditions now, now the plants are in wilt and dry," he said.

He also did not dismiss, this fire is a deliberate factor of humans. Muhammad Daud suspected there were people who deliberately burned the land during the dry season, until there was a fire to Tahura.

"Another factor, yes intentional factor, because of the dry season, there are people burning land," he concluded. [rhm]

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