Wonderful! 5 This Game is Used For Military Tests

Wonderful! 5 This Game is Used For Military Tests

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Game is one of the best alternatives used to entertain most people. And the game also believes able to refresh the brain and fatigue after tired of the mind because it continues to wrestle on the job that must be the responsibility and must be completed.

In some countries there are also those who believe that the game not only refreshes the mind, there are some who think the game is one part of their lives. Even not only that, there is more surprising, video games serve as a test tool of a military organization. Curious? Check out more!

1. Battlezone

America is smart, they always keep innovating to create a real battle simulation into video games. As if never trouble or lazy to innovate in order to create new and unique things. And technology is their most priority.

A few years ago, the Americans again rely on video games that aim to train the soldiers in order to feel the unique experience of plunging into the battlefield. The Battlezone Arcade was the one they rely on at the time.

Intelligence and the seriousness that they try is evident with the existence of a prototype system development from Battlezone in the real world. It aims to make the soldiers have a new experience of practicing relying on an existing robot in the game Battlezone.

2. Grand Theft Auto V

It's impossible if you have never played Grand Theft Auto 5 game, which is a famous video game worldwide. Apparently in some countries have used this game as a military test is because the story line in this game is quite similar to the story line of the world that they all face.

3. America Army Proving Ground

Not just cool, this game definitely has its own uniqueness. That is why certain countries such as America and also Europe have used this game as a military test tool to recruit security guards. Some of those who have escaped in the early stages will also have to move on to the next difficult level, constantly until the soldier gets enough experience.

4. Full Spectrum WarriorMaybe if the game Full Spectrum Warrior compared with other FPS games such as the medal of honor will still be less famous and less interesting. But the mission or task that is on the Full Spectrum Warrior can be spelled more realistic than other FPS game more interesting.

That's why Americans have used this game for military recruits. Starting from the plot present in his gameplay, then the behavior of figures until the items in this game specially created for the doctrine means of candidates of the American soldiers loh.

5. Tactical Iraqi

Tactical Iraqi is a fairly new game because 2017 is the year of release. The super cool Iraqi Tactical Game present on this PC was once also used to conduct military trials to be assigned down to the battlefield. The plot of the Iraqi Tactical game can be said exactly with the facts on the field.

The final word

Well it's some games that have been used to conduct military tests in several countries. So that's what happened. Not only useful for just a hobby, games can also be useful for more important things in the world.

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