Wonosobo Plateau; Starting from Good Food to Exciting Travel Destinations

Wonosobo Plateau; Starting from Good Food to Exciting Travel Destinations

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Wonosobo, The Million Affairs and Culture.

Beautiful panorama of beautiful scenery nan charming

Talk about Wonosobo can not be separated from the picture of Dieng plateau. As far as the eyes see presented the panorama of the natural beauty of the Creator. A city that holds thousands of charms of beauty. Location Wonosobo in the wedge by two mountains that are still active ie Mount Sindoro and Mount Sumbing. The beauty of the panorama and the cool air air makes it worthy of a must-visit destination as well as a distinctive culinary dish that makes Wonosobo as a complete tourism rides and a pity to pass. For those of you lovers of tourism and culinary lovers, it seems to be less complete without a visit to the Million Affairs and Culture "This.

Here we peep some of the sights you can enjoy with relatives and friends of recreational lovers around the area of ??Wonosobo is so slick and ciamik:

1. Dieng

Dieng plateau is an active volcanic area in Central Java located on the west of the complex of Mount Sindoro and Mount Sumbing. In Dieng area is also often made event ruwatan gimbal festivals or more often called Dieng Culture Festival. With the Dieng Culture Festival increasingly enliven the atmosphere of course becomes the main attraction for domestic tourists and foreign tourists who want to witness the rare phenomenon that only exist in this Dieng plateau area.

2. Lake / Lake Dieng Color

One tourist destination mascot besides Dieng is Lake Dieng color which is said to have a unique color that can change color, appearance that often occur in green, yellow or rainbow colors. Telaga Warna is located at an altitude of 2000 meters above sea level and surrounded by high hill hills, so add a beautiful harmonization and interesting music presented street children that add atmosphere so syahdu and ciamik.

Harmonization of nature with a cool and clean air make the atmosphere of Telaga Warna Dieng so enthralling. The atmosphere is so silent and mystical perfected white haze and shady trees.

3. Semar Cave, Cave Well Eyang Kumalasari, Cave Jaran Rishi Kendaliseto, Stone Write Eyang Waseso

In the vicinity of Lake Color there is a cave that deserves to be visited.Semar cave in front of the cave statues of women carrying a pitcher. Inside this cave terdaapat small water flow that supposedly this water can cure disease and add beauty. In general this guagua is used for semedi means.

4. Sikidang Dieng crater, the leading tourist area of ??Dieng Wonosobo

Sikidang crater is a basin that contains craters arising from volcanic activity in the Dieng plateau region. This area is in a fairly flat location so that visitors can see the smoke blob coming out of Sikidang crater. This phenomenon attracts visitors because of the strange phenomenon that will not be possible in other areas.

5. Alun Alun Wonosobo Recreation Place Comfortable And Cheap

Wonosobo Alunalun located in the heart of Wonosobo City, is one of the recreation places in Wonosobo. A safe and comfortable place to just take a leisurely walk while enjoying the various snacks sold by street vendors. Alunalun, which has more than twice the football field, makes it one of the most suitable places for Wonosobo residents to organize a specific eventevent, famous bandband concert, local band or just for sport recreation.

In this place various foods or other sales spilled in this location.

After traveling ria, it's time to take a break while enjoying the panoramic view of natural beauty is so fascinating, would not be complete without tasting the typical food of Wonosobo city. Let's take a look at the typical menu that is in Wonosobo so intriguing that can not be found in other areas, the following list of typical foods that must be tasted:

1. Candied Carica Dieng Excellent product of Wonosobo City

Papaya fruit typical of Dieng highland has a shape that is almost similar to papaya in general. Carica's sweet fruit is often served in the form of processed sweets or a mixture of Syrup Carica.

Carica fruit of the gods Dieng plateau, has a pretty sour and fresh taste to be consumed. Carica fruit itself has various health benefits for the body. Can launch defecate, shame the skin to prevent night blindness because the content contains lots of vitamin A is good for the body especially the eyes.

2. Ongklok Wonosobo NoodlesBelibur to Wonosobo is not complete without enjoying a bowl of typical Wonosobo dishes. Noodles ongklok, noodles with a mixture of cabbage, chives, ebi with complementary cow satay, tempe kemul served with a thick meat broth mixed with kanji flour blended in such a delicious. Making noodles ongklok become one of the favorite menu of this Wonosobo city.

Wonosobo typical dish is much in demand among various circles, both among the young, children or parents. Uncommonly thick dish makes its own distinctive features in this dish.

Destinations tourist attractions are complete with beautiful natural charm nan charming, and culinary pleasures so spoil one of them is in the charm of Wonosobo. Your excursion will not be complete before setting foot in the highlands of Wonosobo.

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