Working Mothers Have Worries Twice Larger Than A Father

Working Mothers Have Worries Twice Larger Than A Father

Image source: – Being a career woman is a dream of many women. Can meet the needs of his own life and help the family economy provides a sense of pride in a woman.

A career woman would want to succeed in the career world and also succeed to be a mother for her children. But it turns out that a working mother has a great sense of guilt and anxiety. They worry about being a bad mother for their sons and daughters and also afraid of abandoning his career for having children, this is proved in a study.

Reported by, the researchers found that a working mother has more concerns and more often think of her work outside than a man. While in the office, a mother also has a heavy burden of thoughts about her family.

Parents must be very concerned about his family, but a mother will be more preoccupied thoughts and feelings for his family. This thought greatly affects the anxiety and emotional stability of a mother.

A study of family in America says, a working mother has more worries on his work when waking than a father.

Related to this, Victoria Beckham also once expressed her guilt for working out and leaving her children. The wife of footballer David Beckham says he still feels guilty despite giving the best people to take care of everything his children need.

The nature of a woman to raise and educate her children seems to be the cause of this. Although today many men are involved in taking care of household affairs. Fitrah as a mother only in have a woman, therefore the mind of a woman will never be separated from her family wherever she is.

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