World Environment Day Revitalization Article 33 (3) of the 1945 Constitution

World Environment Day Revitalization Article 33 (3) of the 1945 Constitution

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The World Environment Day commemoration which is regularly held every June 5 is a program to increase global awareness of the importance of positive environmental action for all people in the world. World Environment Day was established since the opening of the world environmental conference at the UN General Assembly in Stockholm 5 June 16, 1972. World environmental day provides space for all the inhabitants of the earth to be part of a global action in campaigning for protection of the planet earth, sustainable use of natural resources as well as an eco-friendly lifestyle.

Year 2014 is the day of the world environment is also commemorated by all countries in the world who care about the sustainability of the earth with all its contents. The World Environment Agency or UNEP (United Nations Environment Program) at this year's UNEP set the theme for environmental day commemoration is Raise your voice, not the sea level. This theme taking is part of establishing 2014 as the International Year for the small island developing country (International Year of Small Island Developing States).

The point of view differs from the global theme of this year's world environmental anniversary. For Indonesia it becomes important in commemorating the World Environment Day to revitalize Article 33 Paragraph 3 of the 1945 Constitution. The Article states that Earth, water and natural resources contained therein are controlled by the State and used for the greatest prosperity of the people. Today's context with all government policies relating to its Natural Resources seems to rule out that article.

Government policy policy so far related to Natural Resources (SDA) is not pro-environment. As a result of policies that are not pro-environment then participate as a contributor of the causes of climate change in the form of global warming (Global Warming). Non-pro-environment policies in this country are almost in the whole of natural resource management, ie land, water, fishery, forest and energy and mineral resources management.

Wrong Manage Natural Resources of Indonesia

Departing from the above understanding that our country is facing a problem that is not able to accommodate and realize Article 33 paragraph 3 of the 1945 Constitution is more emphasis on mismanagement of natural resources in Indonesia. As mentioned earlier the mismanagement of natural resources exists in all sectors of the existing resources from land, water, fisheries, forests and energy and mineral resources.

Land Exploitation

Land that is a natural resource long enough to renew is also a vital sector for this country. mismanagement of land resources is the cause of environmental damage during this time such as floods, drought and so forth. Human behavior with policies that eventually become mismanagement of land resources include land conversion from agriculture to settlements and land pollution such as the use of renewed land after use as salt ponds.

Water pollution

The development of a city triggered the development of technology from all sectors of the city. Establishment of factory factories in industrial areas by violating environmental regulations such as unprofessional waste disposal is the main cause of water pollution. On the other hand, urban communities that take advantage of river / water flow as the final waste disposal also trigger more polluted water in the surrounding environment. Poor urban governance is also the cause of the narrowness of land and the narrowing of space for the river and everything in it.Excessive exploitation of the marine and fishery sectors

Shared to know that if our country is a maritime country, our great wealth of nature also comes from the sea. Wealth is what has not been able to be utilized properly, and impressed useless. Utilization of marine resources and its improper contents of course cause damage to marine ecosystems, damaging the sea, destroying fish habitat and ends to reduce fish population by itself. Illegal sea exploitation such as tiger trawl and so on are the main cause. Beyond that the sovereignty of our sea is disturbed by other parties also need to be a serious concern from the government. During this time our sea is also exploited by outsiders either through legal process through exploitation under the pretext of investment of marine products or illegal process or theft of sea products.

Forest Problems

Forest as the heart of Indonesia's life and even the world also has its own problems. Excessive forest exploitation until the conversion of forest into plantation becomes a significant threat to the survival of human beings wherever they are. The government has failed to face the problems of forests, especially outside Java. The Indonesian forest which is one part of the last hope of the heart of the world must be immediately saved. We can see how the forestry function is getting bigger until the forest destruction through burning forest burning outside Java. All of that becomes a great homework for the Indonesian government in the future.

Energy and Mineral Resources are not appropriate

Source of energy and minerals that are not appropriate and become ironic again is to eksplitasinya large amount to be a very special problem must be considered by the government. Our energy and mineral resources have been colonized by foreigners, and they are real in front of us. The policy policy of the government through the law until its rules of regulations implicitly does not become a supporter of Article 33 Paragraph 3 of the 1945 Constitution. Not support in the sense that the source of this natural wealth is not managed by the state and enjoyed by other countries. A real example in front of us is Freeport that is able to generate up to thousands of trillions of rupiah in revenue for foreigners, and our country's official land holders earn only 1% share. Not counting the exploitation and exploration of other energy and mineral resources. Today, foreign countries or foreign companies compete to build smelter smelter in Indonesia, which for them is like panning gold in the front yard. For that purpose, the government needs to enforce stricter rules, in this case reviewing the work contract between the government and all foreign companies operating in the country. In addition to reviewing the work contract, the government is also obliged to reorganize Law no. 4 of 2009 on Minerba which is more pro-environment and pro-people again.

World environmental day is a momentum for all of us to be aware of the importance of the environment with all its natural resources. Soon the country has a new leader and government. There is hope there for new policy-makers in the future, that is pro-environment policy policy. The pro-environment policy is also part of the revitalization of Article 33 Paragraph 3 of the 1945 Constitution. Rescuing Natural Resources means also saving humanity. Happy World Environment Day

Jember, June 5, 2014

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