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As someone who is not very good at telling stories I prefer to listen or read other people's stories. It seems their stories are more interesting, more fun, more exciting.

But sometimes the negative effect of listening to someone's story and we are too insecure to tell the story is IRI. I was stuck comparing myself with others. Comparing myself with them. Oddly enough I could even envy their sad story.

Their lives seem happier, better, easier and more fun.

If only envious glimpses may gakpapa. What if to make us become inferior or feel not good enough. Then we make the status dispersed universe May I hate my life? or I hate my life.

Yes, we hate our own lives. As if we do not have a purpose, I do not know where to go, I do not know what to become, confused choose to live this life should be how. While people outside us seem happier, more excited, no burden and can be themselves.

I've been stuck long enough in envy, feeling not good enough, hating life. My life feels slow and boring. Expenses such as additions. No progress. Then I waited and waited to expect life to love me.

How can life love us but we hate it instead? What with hate it we can be happy? Or are we used to pretending to be victims and the people out there are the villains? How often are we blinded by the grace that God gives us and desires the grace given to others.

Your life is a fun story he said. Haaa period anyway? Ordinary feeling.

Gratitude is easy to detect this jealous. I admit it and I want to replace this jealousy with gratitude. Then I start looking for the good things that ever happened, looking for the uniqueness-the uniqueness of the people I've met, counting all the things God has given me.

It's true that our life is a great story. Just need to embrace our life as well as possible. Other people's stories about success or failure make us learn, become motivation to make us better.

Starting from today yuk love our life. OUR LIFE IS A SERIOUS STORY !!! REHABILITY OF DEH we do not need to be or live like everyone else. Find our happiness from the simple things, maybe by enjoying a cup of coffee in the morning, sleeping all day, anything that can make us happy lakuin aja.From now on desperate aja like our life as it is. I do not think we're ever going to be bankrupt enough, sick enough, bad enough, stupid enough, just to fail just to make us happy. Write fun stories that ever existed in this life. or maybe we have parents who do not care, betrayed someone, or hurt the bad guys out there. Let go of those who stay free and disturb our minds.

Maybe anger can make us survive, but beliefs too.

says Kurt Wagner in the X-Men 2 movie

Sure deh when we desperate to love life and ourselves as we are, we attract good people who will like us as it is, find someone who has the same interests with us, sometimes even if we really love this life the days will like a miracle. No one's going to hurt us, anyway because we always choose to be cheerful and happy. Like that awful Kurt Wagner, beliefs too. But beliefs need gratitude and patience

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