Yours sincerely Adinda Jokowi for Kakanda Surya Paloh at the Nasdem Event

Yours sincerely Adinda

Image source:, Jakarta – President Joko Widodo or Jokowi attended the Opening of the 2015 Pilkada Pilgrim Consolidation Meeting at JCC, Senayan, Central Jakarta. On that occasion, Jokowi was asked to convey his greetings before hundreds of cadres and candidates of regional heads who carried Nasdem Party.

Interestingly, from the beginning to the end of his speech, Jokowi several times had greeted Surya Paloh with Kakanda. Such mention is known to be commonly spoken to someone who is considered a brother or a call to a brother who is considered older.

In his speech for more than 30 minutes, Jokowi counted 3 times the name of Surya Paloh with Kakanda's greeting. The first was when the former Governor of DKI Jakarta greeted the hundreds of regional heads and Nasdem Party cadres present.

"To the 255 candidates for the head of the region who are present and I respect you, Mr. Kakanda Surya Paloh, and the noble ambassadors of the neighboring countries," said Jokowi in his opening on Monday (21/09/2015).

Cash only, the mention of Kakanda Surya Paloh make boisterous atmosphere of the room. The present cadre of Nasdem is seen mentioning the name of Jokowi and the Chairman.

The second Kakanda call is when Jokowi will explain about the geographical Indonesia that has tens of thousands of islands as well as its potential. At that time, Jokowi quote a little saying Surya Paloh who delivered first speech.

"Our country Indonesia has already submitted Ketum, kakanda Paloh, that this country is 2/3 water, ocean, oceans, if I tell the head of another country, the number of our islands 17,000 more islands, they are amazed how the management," said Jokowi.

The greeting to Kakanda Surya Paloh is the third when the President wants to explain the current condition of the Indonesian economy. Jokowi again repeated one of the words Surya Paloh in his speech.

"It has been delivered by Surya Paloh's brother, so we have to say what it is, we are experiencing economic slowdown, do not use economic crisis, very different," said Jokowi.

Nasdem party took part in elections in 255 districts / cities from 269 cities / counties in Indonesia. Besides being attended by hundreds of regional head candidates, also attending this event were the heads of political parties who are members of the Great Coalition of Indonesia.

Several ministers in the Working Cabinet were also present. They include Environment and Forestry Minister Siti Nurbaya Bakar, Minister of Agriculture Ferry Mursida Baldan and Attorney General HM Prasetyo. (Ali / Rmn)

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