Yourself More Than Just Plants Trial, Thank You Has Got To Be A Friend

Yourself More Than Just Plants Trial, Thank You Has Got To Be A Friend

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I always knew that you were only a fraction of my age in my college years. Even though I know full well, I still take and care for you as well as possible. Giving you fertilizer so that you do not starve, watering you so you will not get thirsty, weed weed so you live safely, Eradicate pests so you will not get sick, to play with you before I go to the lecture building. I often do not want to go home quickly to tell you all the burdens and thoughts.

And now the time I've always dreaded arrives. I'm afraid meghianatimu, surely now you are looking at me as a figure of false hope, Without excuse or hospitalization for days, With me I grabbed your life as well as self, like angel of death that came to come ..

Forgive Me, I Know Itself, Giving You Hope To Be Loved, But Just For You I Hurt

Since you are not human, there are mouths that look at your departure one eye. You're the one I'll first catch every morning. I talk to you even though I'm never sure you understand it. Like family members, the closest part of my life, I give you fertilizer, pest and pestilate you to make your heart happy. It is one of my comforts to see the expression of your fresh green leaves nan adorable.

Of course I was shocked when you were always there should go with a sudden. Because at first you did not tell me, you live to be turned off, you live for the sake of praktikan and you live for research and experimental materials

How do you feel? Do you feel I'm like a matre couple who do not come again after the needs are met?

I'm sorry .. You did a special treatment at first, But after the value of the lab work out I ignore it forever, as if the value that I get no reinforcements from you

Do you feel I'm a matre partner who does not come again after the needs are met? Or humans do not know self hypocritical and not knowing themselves?

Life is silent without you in my lap, but I have to keep moving forward

Really, I too can not bear to leave you, But because of the demands of other labs, I am now busy and have no time for you. However, I will always remember that you have been present in my life, as a prerequisite for my test scores, as a reinforcement of my spirit in my sadness and maturity.

You who used to spend time playing with me, would you promise something? All right there I love you!Before I end this letter Sorry, let me say: I love you. Forgive my mistakes. I hope we can be together again after my life returns. Before that time comes, I hope you're okay there.

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