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The singer of animals and voices for Disney's Beauty and the Beast, Carrie Underwood, is rarely seen without an adorable fluffy companion -- and with matching tattoos!! The 35-year-old singer has been open about her love for animals, and in February 2015, she revealed her love for shelter cats, including her cat named Kitty Purry. "I actually adopted two cats from a shelter," Underwood told People. "Now, they're very catty to each other. So, yeah, I have two cats at home." Underwood is an advocate for animal adoption and has her own rescue...

There are thousands of homeless cats spread across the U.S. The ASPCA estimates there are around 60,000 feral cats living in New York City alone. And officials say feral cats are just one part of the problem. They say there are others, like accidental births, abandonment and owners who recycle their cats, that often leave shelters flooded with cats.

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